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Viking Design

Размер файла: 16.94 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 5270

viking-designThis is a book on Viking design, which has survived in the metalwork, woodwork, textiles, stone and bone carvings and ceramics of the Viking homelands of Norway, Denmark and Sweden; as well as the western lands they colonized: Iceland, Northern Scotland, the Isle of Man and Ireland. The artist, Courtney Davis works within these ancient traditions to produce his own unique illustrations and designs, 100 of which are rendered in this book.

Slavic Ornaments

Размер файла: 10.17 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 7164

slavic-ornamentsTraditional Russian designs. Geometric, floral, isomorphic.

A huge number of examples.

Ornaments of Scandinavic

Размер файла: 24.12 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 7941

ornaments-of-scandinavicВ данной книге представлены разнообразные и уникальные скандинавские орнаменты.

Сложная и противоречивая история скандинавских народов многие годы является предметом научных споров. Мирные земледельцы, обрабатывавшие плодородные земли в Швеции, Дании и Норвегии, "вдруг" стали грозными воинами, чьи быстроходные корабли наводили ужас на жителей Европы, а затем вновь "остепенились", принялись строить города и возделывать земли. Немало загадок таит искусство неистовых викингов. Удивительно, как воинственные, беспощадные морские разбойники могли достичь таких непревзойденных высот в художественной обработке металлов и дерева.

Ornament of Ancient America

Размер файла: 9.31 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 5832

ornaments-of-ancient-americaОрнаменты Древней Америки включают географически разделенные этносы - от Аляски до МезоАмерики. Тотемные изображения пуэбло и иероглифы ацтеков просто завораживают. Скажу откровенно, я не смог пройти мимо.

Dragons and Griffins

Размер файла: 13.15 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 4967

dragons-and-griffinsAt the end of the eighth century, the Vikings began to plunder the Celtic monasteries, putting an end to the golden age of Celtic art in the Early Christian period. In spite of the invaders' love of looting, fire and the sword, their impact was not simply destructive. In a second golden age that flourished into the high Middle Ages, Irish Dragon and Griffin patterns were wrought in Viking styles, producing a marvelous and distinctive art akin to Art Nouveau and Gothic fantasy.

The author shows how these patterns are formed and gives detailed practical advice on how they can be recreated and adapted by today's artists and designers, or by anyone wishing to enjoy the sheer decorative exuberance of these once fearsome beasts.

Celtics and Old Norse Design

Размер файла: 5.96 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 6672

celtic-and-old-norse-designArtists, illustrators, designers, and craftspeople in search of exceptionally bold and inventive motifs will find them in this versatile treasury brimming with 125 copyright-free designs. Taken from authentic Celtic and Old Norse sources, they include an amazing array of birds, human figures, and mythological creatures, all ingeniously woven into an intricate network of spirals and interlacings.

Meticulously adapted from artwork that graced ancient rune stones and religious symbols, furniture, manuscripts, bronze mirrors, sword hilts, cooking utensils, and other artifacts, the illustrations depict a crucifix; decorative creatures that adorned the pages of the Lindisfarne Gospels; interwoven designs from stone crosses of Ireland, Scotland, and Cornwall; and many other designs and motifs.

Convenient and inexpensive, this collection offers inspiration and a wealth of immediately usable dramatic ornamentation rich in character and distinctive in content.

Celtic Ornaments

Размер файла: 16.11 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 5856

celtic-ornamentsВ книге представлена широчайшая коллекция кельтских мотивов: от простых завивающихся спиралей и четких шнуровых орнаментов из сплетенных лент до поражающих изяществом линий букв, сказочных животных, образов святых и ангелов и каскада узоров древа жизни. Вам остается только переснять рисунок и воспроизвести мотив в своей работе. Для широкого круга читателей.

Ancient Mexican Designs

Размер файла: 4.43 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 5139

ancient-mexican-designsA vibrant compilation of 240 meticulously reproduced motifs from the pre-Columbian world, this volume abounds in Aztec calendars, gods of medicine and war, animals, mythological characters, and scores of other striking images. Authentic sources include bas relief fragments from Chichen Itza, ornate architectural details, Maya hieroglyphs, Olmec pottery figures, and a Teotihuacan mural.

Ancient Ireland Ornaments

Размер файла: 13.32 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 7495

ancient-ireland-ornamentA child's history of ancient Irish art, with droll Celtic people and animals admist ancient mazes and patterns. From 8th and 9th century artifacts and the Books of Durrow and Kells.

A Treasury of Celtic Design

Размер файла: 11.26 Мбайт
Скачиваний: 4996

treasury-of-celtic-designThis comprehensive survey of Celtic knot design is based on the canon of traditional knot patterns collected by the father of the 19th-century Celtic Art revival, John Romilly Allen, and is accompanied by the author's unique triple-grid analyses.

A step-by-step guide to drawing Celtic knots, the most widely appealing form within the rich repertoire of Celtic design. This comprehensive survey of Celtic knot design is based on the canon of traditional knot patterns collected by the father of the nineteenth-century Celtic Art revival, John Romilly Allen. His work has inspired generations of modern Celtic artists, but until now his definitive collection of knots from authentic sources has only been available in an obscure academic journal.

Aidan Meehan's Treasury is the most complete compendium available on these marvelously decorative and versatile designs. He first presents all the Celtic knots that Romilly Allen discovered, making each pattern intelligible with detailed instructions that show the primary, secondary, and tertiary dot grids, and then finishes the designs that the earlier artist provided. The knots are no longer clipped out of context, with loose ends, but developed into whole new ornaments, shown in two colors and in a variety of treatments.